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large wearning, oversupply, and mastitis soap

Nursing Mama’s Kryptonite

Beware mamas! A nursing mama’s “kryptonite” is anything that lowers your milk supply! This includes foods and substances like peppermint, sage, lemon balm, caffeine or even activities like excessive exercising,…

Breast Milk jewelry bubble necklace from iamstarchild/ Precious Mammaries featured in Cafe Mom The Stir

Breast Milk Jewelry Bubble Necklace featured in Cafe Mom’s The Stir

Before Precious Mammaries was called what it is, it used to be just under the umbrella name, StarChild. StarChild ( is my organic jewelry line which still exists but just…


Precious Mammaries sponsors Viva Lactina The Big Latch On

It was such an honor to sponsor my first breastfeeding non-profit group. The event called Viva Lactina, The Big Latch On was hosted by Infant and Family Nutrition Agency in…

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