WHAT is a DNA keepsake or breast milk jewelry and WHO is it for?

Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from your DNA. Depending on what you choose to use-whether it be breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes,  or a combo, we can use these in our jewelry making to bring you the most unique keepsake you will ever own.

Breast milk jewelry is for mothers who value their breastfeeding journey, whether they are currently nursing or pumping or about to wean.

What makes Precious Mammaries the BEST & different from other breast milk jewelry?

  • UNIQUE TEXTURE from mom‘s breast milk DNA. Other companies have to add shimmer because their breast milk stones are dull in appearance. Their stones also look the same as another mama’s stone, so it’s hard to tell them apart. With Precious Mammaries, your stone will have a visible texture completely unique to YOU.
  • REALLY FAST turnaround time. Other companies will have you wait weeks to months to finish your jewelry. Precious Mammaries prides itself in finishing your jewelry and shipped to your door in about a week’s time.
  • Hypoallergenic option. We carry surgical stainless steel as a metal option instead of choosing sterling silver or gold for those sensitive to certain metals. Not only is it hypoallergenic, it’s also cheaper and never tarnishes!

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What customers are saying…

THANK YOU! I can’t thank you enough. I received the soaps yesterday and it’s better than I could have expected. I also LOVED your packaging!
Christina H.
This necklace is absolutely beautiful! Excellent craftsmanship. High quality for the price. This necklace is so dear to me. I about cried when I received the package. I would recommend this to any breastfeeding mom who wants a keepsake of their precious nursing years.

These earrings are fabulous. Very stylish and go with so many outfits. High quality craftsmanship. I am so thrilled I can carry around a keepsake of my breastmilk, but to the outside world, it looks just like a semi-precious stone. I would highly recommend these for any nursing mother.

Corry Lee