Christmas Gift for Dad: Breast Milk Ring & Keychain

You know what would be a total surprise Christmas gift for dad this year? (or mom!)

 A men's ring or keychain made with your breast milk! They're on SALE!!

Remember the time you didn't tell him about the "secret ingredient" in baby's smash cake til after he ate it? Well this breast milk men's inlay ring and breast milk keychain seals the deal. Dads, you're part of this breastfeeding journey whether you admit it or not! Thanks for lightening the load for us mamas by sharing some of the responsibilities of caring for a newborn. We love you for that!

Don't worry about the deadline for Christmas. If you've got your breastmilk here already (packaged confirmed checked in as of this week), you can add an inlay ring or keychain for him to your existing order... unless you want to just another piece of jewelry for yourself, that's is totally fine too, mama! 


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