My Surprise Breech Baby Home Birth

Our baby Saoirse Kathryn is here! I am now a mother of three girls! My first born, as some of you may know, was my inspiration for creating Precious Mammaries. I allowed me to give mamas something tangible to treasure for a long time with their breast milk.

Back to Saoirse's home birth story. Not many know that a normal delivery with a breech baby at home is possible. I've heard stories that it was. I didn't think we'd be in that situation til the moment she was actually coming out! 

She felt a bit different, but I just pushed her out like usual. The attending midwife Hannah advised not to touch her body as she was coming out to keep her from being startled, which leads to serious complications. She also had me change positions during the last push to make extra wiggle room. C-section was avoided with age old wisdom. 

Trust that women's bodies are designed exactly for birth. 

Pain is part of the process but proper breathing can really tone that down significantly without taking any medications. Thank God that the art and skill of midwifery as it was in ancient times have been preserved. I can't praise it enough! 

I would love to hear from you either here in the comments or through DM about a similar experience with breech at home!

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