Are Gift Cards Thoughtful?

Can gift cards be thoughtful? They certainly are wanted all across the board! But can they be meaningful if they’re so easy and fast to get?

I say, YES!!

Depending on where the gift card is from, the store you pick says VOLUMES about your thoughtfulness. You might be that husband that missed the deadline for Valentine’s (again,) but let me assure you that you’re not a screw up at all!

Giving mom a breast milk jewelry gift card is thoughtful enough! Considering that this is a very personal and highly customizable piece of jewelry, it would make sense that you’d want mama to pick our her piece herself. In this case, getting her a gift card would be the better choice!

Now that we’ve had our little pep talk… I know you won’t miss the Mother’s Day deadline! Shop ASAP!

There is still a sale for Valentine’s right now you can take advantage of! Use coupon “vday22” for 15% off!


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