Hello! My name is Rachel Dahl.

I started having aspirations for jewelry designing while I was pregnant with my baby girl. I kept a sketch book next to me at all times. Thinking about starting my own line kept me busy and up late at night. I knew I wanted to use organic material, because I love the natural world. Little did I know that once my baby was born that I would transition to the use of breast milk.

Breastfeeding is a natural art form and skill that thankfully has resurfaced in recent times due to proper education and much research on the benefits of breastfeeding, from baby’s nutrition to social development. The bond I’ve experienced with my baby while breastfeeding is just incredible, an experience I know I will greatly miss once she weans herself from me.

This unique feeling of oneness with our babies by being their sole food source sadly doesn’t last forever. It’s my hope that these Precious Mammaries will stay with us with breast milk keepsakes made especially from our own milk. It will be something we can pass on to them as they grow to become parents themselves.

Other than that, I am a pretty laid back lady who likes pretty clothes and reading philosophy books. I am incredibly blessed to have a supportive husband and two beautiful girls.

Feel free to say HELLO anytime!

Who’s part of my team:

  • Melody- Melody is my sweet apprentice. She makes jewelry side-by-side with me. She pays special attention to every piece she crafts. She brings sunshine and good energy to every home that receives the packages we send.
  • Mandy – Mandy is my super awesome assistant who is too good for her job. She will be answering most of the questions by e-mail and will most likely be your correspondence during the early stages of your jewelry order. Questions pertaining customization, concerns, or motherhood and nursing will most likely be addressed by me.
  • Rob – Rob is my husband who will occasionally be answering phone calls whenever I am unable to attend to them. Since I work from home, I am most likely attending to my children. doing chores, or keeping something from burning the house down! Although he is able to answer most questions, you may ask for me at any point when you are speaking with him!

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WHAT is a DNA keepsake or breast milk jewelry and WHO is it for?

Precious Mammaries makes custom jewelry and soaps made from your DNA. Depending on what you choose to use-whether it be breast milk, placenta, lock of hair, ashes,  or a combo, we can use these in our jewelry making to bring you the most unique keepsake you will ever own.

Breast milk jewelry is for mothers who value their breastfeeding journey, whether they are currently nursing or pumping or about to wean.

What makes Precious Mammaries the BEST & different from other breastmilk jewelry?

  • UNIQUE stone from mom‘s breast milk DNA. Precious Mammaries extracts your milk’s proteins & sugars and places them in shatter-proof glass, making up the “stone” of your jewelry. Other companies have to add shimmer because their breast milk stones are dull in appearance. Their stones also look the same as another mama’s stone, so it’s hard to tell them apart. With Precious Mammaries, your stone will have a visible texture completely unique to YOU. This means, no two stones are alike.
  • Uses GLASS instead of resin. All other breast milk jewelry shops use resin or epoxy, which is a chemical that is essentially plastic. It can turn yellow over time, melt when placed in direct sunlight, and emit fumes. Glass is completely natural, non-toxic, and made of sand. It does not melt in direct sunlight nor will it yellow overtime.
  • Hypoallergenic option. We carry surgical stainless steel as a metal option instead of choosing sterling silver or gold for those sensitive to certain metals. Not only is it hypoallergenic, it’s also cheaper and never tarnishes!

Here is an example below of how I keep milk stones from each mama organized and labeled. 😊 You can really tell each of them apart! 😃🥛🤱💖

Breast Milk Jewelry Process, Labeling