August Breastfeeding Awareness Month: Is breast milk offensive? (+ freebies)

Breast Milk is Best Breastfeeding Awareness

Breastfeeding in public may be offensive to some, but who knew breast milk was too?

The month of August is Breastfeeding Awareness Month! In celebration, I came up with some new designs called “Breast Milk is Best” and “Breast is Best” to celebrate our love for giving breast milk and breastfeeding our babies. Since putting some of those designs out, I had a handful of people who felt that they were being shamed for using formula.

Here are a few Facebook comments below:

What do you all think about this? Is it possible to show pride in our own well-deserved hard work and achievements and not hurt anyone else in the process? To say “breast is best” might offend those who cannot directly breastfeed, but even to say “breast milk is best” might also offend those who use formula.

Whatever it may be, there always seems to be something to offend anyone. It cannot stop us from doing what is best for our own children, for our own family, and for ourselves. We cannot live in fear, because someone out there might be offended. What kind of world would it be to always feel like we’re walking on eggshells the moment we step out the door? Some moms who breastfeed might want to breastfeed in private, some in public. We are all different. As long as we don’t coerce others to live like us, that is living in peace with all. At the same time, another mama might need support from YOU to help her get her baby back to breast. Wait for an invitation, and offer help when you can!

So maybe it’s not your taste or to your level of comfort to display the words “Breast is Best” or “Breast Milk is Best” on your person. That’s okay. But hey, if it’s to drive awareness, this certainly does the job! 😉 For a more private display of your own breastfeeding accomplishments, there is always breastmilk jewelry, jewelry made with your own milk.

Mama Natural Genevieve Howland's Hair and Breast Milk Necklace for three children
I made this Tri-Milky Way Breast Milk Necklace for Genevieve Howland (aka Mama Natural). Breastmilk and hair are from her three children.
I did not realize who she was until way after I made her a collection of jewelry!

The first week of August may have been World Breastfeeding Week, but this whole month is actually the month of Breastfeeding Awareness. You and I know though that when you’re a breastfeeding mama, you are aware of it all the time, sometimes even in our sleep! 😴😂 Oh, and especially in those early months… or when toddler or tandem nursing, oh boy!

When you order this month from Precious Mammaries Breast Milk jewelry, you not only get free shipping, but you also get some freebies in your package (such as a “Breast Milk is Best” sticker!) when you use coupon “breastfeedmonth.” The coupon is open to all, US and international, breastfeeding mama or not.

Below, are some of the latest products in the store that are sure to cause controversy, ahem.. I mean awareness!

New: Breast is Best / Breast Milk is Best

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