Benefits of Breastmilk on Skin + FREE Breast milk Soap for World Breastfeeding Week Sale!

August 1-7 is World Breastfeeding Week! To celebrate, you will get a free breastmilk soap of your choice made with your very own milk with every purchase of $110 on Precious Mammaries!

Why use breast milk soap? We know now the many benefits of breastfeeding and breastmilk to baby, but do you know just how much breastmilk benefits the skin when applied topically—not just for baby but for you too?

Here are some ways you can use breastmilk from the tap or stored:

  1. For cracked, sore nipples
  2. To moisturize skin
  3. Clean contact lens
  4. To help heal circumcision
  5. To get rid of warts
  6. To help with ear infections
  7. To relieve itchy skin from eczema, bites, and hives
  8. As a gargle for sore throat

Because breastmilk soap is actually soap made with your breastmilk mixed with non-GMO and organic oils, you will, of course, need to treat this like a bar of soap and not put it on your contact lens or gargle it! You will still need to rinse after. However, unlike other soaps, this has the special ingredient of your own milk in it. Use it as often as you like for you and your whole family!

Below, you will see two beautiful mommy and baby breast milk soaps you can have custom made with your breastmilk. Besides your milk, you can choose to add honey, oats, or honey + oats. Oats is a gentle exfoliant, while honey adds a touch of subtle scent and anti-bacterial moisturizer… just like milk! There is no added scent otherwise.

Mommy and Baby in Floral Heart with breastmilk, honey, and oats
Mommy and Baby in Floral Disc with breastmilk and oats

So between August 1-7, 2019, just add your one (1) favorite breastmilk soap to your cart (value $14.99), along with other items totalling $110+. Your cart must be at least $110, not including the soap to get the soap for free. You must use coupon “breastfeedweek to get $14.99 discounted from your total.

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