Back in stock report for popular breast milk jewelry

Lots of previously out of stock breast milk jewelry designs from Precious Mammaries are BACK!

Check to see if the design you’ve been eyeing is restocked. If not, make sure you sign up to get an e-mail notification for the specific jewelry you are waiting to get.

Get notified!

All you need to do to get notified when a product is back in stock is to go to the product page, choose the options for the type of metal and materials you want to use, etc. Once you have those picked in the drop down menu, a button will appear asking if you want to get notified when it’s back in stock. Type in your e-mail address in the box. See image below for visual instructions.

Alternatively, you could also just buy a gift certificate now and get what you want later when it’s back in stock!

Make sure to get what you want NOW before the holiday gets closer. These might get out of stock again.

Now, let’s see what we have back, shall we?

What’s back in stock?

Lait de Rose Gold breast milk necklace

Milk Sphere Sterling Silver breast milk necklace

Ice Queen Sterling Silver breast milk necklace/set

Milk Drop Crown Sterling Silver necklace/set

Pink Milk Drop Crown rose Gold necklace