Can’t decide on breast milk jewelry? Get a GIFT CARD!

Mom’s Birthday is fast approaching!

If you don’t know what you or your wife wants from the store right this minute, you can always get her a GIFT CARD for the actual day!

The great thing about gift cards or gift certificates is that they can be sent digitally or physically. Digital gift cards are sent instantly, and physical gift certificates sent via snail mail will take anywhere from 2-4 days to be delivered.

Shipping for all gift cards, digitally or physically, is always FREE.

The turnaround time for sending out physical gift certificates range from 0-1 day, so there’s really no delay, unlike when buying the jewelry except for the actual shipping speed. You’ll need to take this into account when choosing to send physically.

However, if you want the physical gift certificate to be delivered sooner, you can purchase the add-on for expedited shipping along with the gift certificate HERE.

Get your gift card!


Popular designs going FAST!

Lots of breast milk jewelry designs are currently out of stock due to their popularity. You can purchase a gift card now and wait til your favorite design is back in stock!

*Next Day Shipping ( for jewelry orders)

When purchasing Next Day shipping, keep in mind that this is only the shipped speed. This does not include the turnaround time it takes to make your jewelry. Making jewelry on holidays can take up to a week but can be as fast as  two days.