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How is Breast Milk Jewelry Best Taken Care of?

Taking care of your breast milk jewelry will ensure that it lasts a long time, as it has a lot of value and memories. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it: Before bathing or showering, washing or using hand sanitizer, or going swimming, remove your breast milk jewelry. Dirt and chemicals from […]

How Does Addition of Inclusions Work in Breast Milk Jewelry?

Small embellishments that you can add to your breast milk jewelry stone to make it more unique are known as inclusions or add-ons. Color tints, shimmers or shines, gold or silver flakes, and even a strand of your baby’s hair could all be used. They’re the best way to personalize any order, whether you’re combining […]

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The Uniqueness of Your Breast Milk Stone

How Unique is Your Breast Milk Stone? Every mother’s milk is unique, and it’s these nuances that make your breast milk stone and jewelry unique and special. Each mother’s milk has a unique color, density, and hue. Because some breast milk is higher in protein, it is whiter, giving your breastmilk stone or centerpiece a […]

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What are the Different Kinds of Breast Milk Jewelry?

While the necklace with a pendant or locket where the breast milk is safely kept is the most well-known breast milk jewelry, there are various kinds of breast milk jewelry to pick from for extra variety: Necklaces – Breast milk necklaces can be worn around the neck, the solar plexus, or the chest. Allow it […]

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Why do People Make Breast Milk Jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry is a baby souvenir manufactured from a mother’s breast milk that serves as a reminder of the closeness of your breastfeeding bond with your child as well as a celebration of the amazing accomplishment you’ve accomplished as a mother. Necklaces with pendants or lockets, rings, earrings, bracelets, or popular European style beads […]

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A Background of Breast Milk Jewelry

What is Breast Milk Jewelry? Made from a mother’s breast milk, breast milk jewelry is a baby keepsake which serves as a reminder of the closeness of your breastfeeding bond with your child, and a celebration of the tremendous accomplishment you’ve made as a mother.These mementos come in a variety of jewel forms which include […]