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October is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

It was just three months ago in July that we lost our little Sproul while I was 8 weeks pregnant. That was really the inspiration for creating and offering miscarriage keepsakes on my other DNA keepsake shop, Miracle Memorial. It is rather sad that in the United States, the topic of pregnancy loss is either taboo […]

Celebrate Freedom: Shop the Fourth of July Sale

Happy Fourth of July to my fellow Americans! Celebrate freedom with 10% off and free standard shipping on anything you purchase from Precious Mammaries Breastmilk Jewelry or Miracle Memorial Cremation Ash Jewelry! Whether you’re from the US or abroad, this sale applies to you. Use coupon “freedom” at checkout through July 5, 2019. Shop at

Why Black Breastfeeding Week? + Beautifully Inspiring Black Women Nursing

When I think of a breastfeeding woman in the most natural setting, the image of a strong majestic African mother comes to mind nursing her multiple children in public, as she wears them around with her while she does her daily activities. This strong impression left me thinking and believing that Black women all over […]

Precious Mammaries sponsors Viva Lactina The Big Latch On

It was such an honor to sponsor my first breastfeeding non-profit group. The event called Viva Lactina, The Big Latch On was hosted by Infant and Family Nutrition Agency in Brownsville, TX. It was held in August 6. You can find more info on their Facebook event page. If you would like me to donate […]