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Mama Natural Genevieve feature breast milk jewelry review and recommends

Mama Natural’s Choice of Breast Milk Jewelry

Genevieve Howland from Mama Natural wrote in her Three Things for Thursday newsletter her experience after buying breast milk jewelry from… Precious Mammaries! Neither this post nor hers are sponsored. Before sending out this newsletter, we chatted on the phone and texted a few times to get her breast milk jewelry done exactly to her […]

Lifetime Guarantee. Mama Made. Handmade. Local.

Precious Mammaries is a very unique breast milk jewelry and DNA keepsakes store that stands out from the rest. It’s run solely by Rachel, a stay-at-home mother whose handmade practices are environmentally conscious. The materials used to create each piece has minimal chemicals, with each stone made with high-quality glass instead of plastic or resin. […]

Unique Idea for a Birthday Gift for Mom? Give DNA Jewelry!

Need an idea for the perfect gift for mom that surpasses any other gift you’ve given her from past birthdays? Want to give her something so unique that she will not only remember it but also keep it for many birthdays to come? Get her the gift of DNA jewelry from Precious Mammaries! What is […]

Back in stock report for popular breast milk jewelry

Lots of previously out of stock breast milk jewelry designs from Precious Mammaries are BACK! Check to see if the design you’ve been eyeing is restocked. If not, make sure you sign up to get an e-mail notification for the specific jewelry you are waiting to get. Get notified! All you need to do to […]

breast milk jewelry reviews from happy customers

Happy Customers & Good Reviews of Breast Milk Jewelry Precious Mammaries

Good reviews with lots of happy customers are extremely important in earning any company’s trust. Since my breast milk jewelry store, Precious Mammaries is homegrown and hand made by a sole artisan, it’s more of a reason for many to feel comfortable and safe purchasing from me. If you have any questions, concerns, or issues […]

Breast Milk Jewelry Bubble Necklace featured in Cafe Mom’s The Stir

Before Precious Mammaries was called what it is, it used to be just under a different name that also covered my organic jewelry line which still exists but just on Etsy. Because my organic breast milk jewelry got popular enough, I decided to separate it from my other jewelry in order to have a website […]