Classic Milk Drop (no prongs) breast milk necklace & earrings are back!

Precious Mammaries once discontinued this most popular and beloved design because it was just too hard to set the breast milk stone onto such a thin setting, and that was why it got replaced by the Milk Drop with prongs for awhile. The prong design sadly wasn’t as popular.

We got lots of requests to bring the prongless Milk Drop back, so much so that it was hard to ignore… but now, it is finally back, and it’s better than ever!

Why is it better?

  • The latest Milk Drop design is back to no prongs, so from the front view, all you can see is your beautiful breast milk stone without any prongs getting in the way.
  • It’s stainless steel just like the original design, so it’s hypoallergenic for you and baby. You still have the option of choosing sterling or stainless chain with it.
  • The setting is thicker and round in the back compared to the original flat design but not as thick and bulky as the setting with prongs.


Want to “upgrade” your old Milk Drop design to the new style? Just pay $15 + shipping. Send an e-mail to get in touch, and include your previous order#.

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