Cyber Monday Sale for breast milk jewelry (10% off + FREE ADD-ONS & Gift!)

It’s Cyber Monday! There’s even a better sale than Black Friday. Being a completely online store being run out of my humble home taking care of a toddler (and my chronically ill husband—my second baby!), Cyber Monday is an especially special day for Precious Mammaries.

Cyber Monday Sale

Today only, not only do you get 10% off everything, you will also get a free gift, AND free add-ons to your stone, if you choose. This includes real dried flowers, real seashells, real metallic gravel, and/or glitter/shimmer. You can choose a combination of these, and I put everything in by hand with your breast milk and other inclusions (placenta, hair, umbilical cord—all of which are free to add!)

There’s often no need to liven up your breast milk stone, because the way I make your stones is truly unique from your average breast milk stone. You can see for yourself how one-of-a-kind it will be once you have it in your hands. The signature pattern your milk makes is completely natural, a wonder of Mother Nature.

Below are some examples of the free add-ons you can have and that I’ve made for other amazing women. Some of which are made from breast milk, ashes, or fur from their fur baby! If you have dried flowers from your own special stash, I can use them too.

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