Cyber Monday Sale for Mom: Breast Milk Jewelry

Missed the Black Friday sale? No worries. You can still take advantage of the biggest sale of 2017 with the CYBER MONDAY sale!

Today is the best time to get mom (or yourself) the most on-point gift for Christmas. If you want a bit longer, you could risk the chance of a major delay in getting your order shipped on time. You’ve got another round to not procrastinate, so shop now and get mom what she deserves for all her sacrifice and hard work!

The most popular breast milk jewelry pieces are out of stock, but don’t fret. You can still get the deal when buying a gift certificate! In this way, you can let her pick at a later date and you can get the discount now.

What in the world is breast milk jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry is a DNA keepsake. This has DNA from bio material, e.g. mother’s breast milk, placenta, baby’s first lock of hair, or a departed one’s ashes. Mamas who are weaning often want something special to remember the bonding moments with baby by with a keepsake to wear or pass on as heirloom.

Precious Mammaries makes the only breast milk jewelry that creates the “thumbprint” pattern of mom’s milk unique to her breast milk at the time of expression. This “thumbprint” is what’s set under magnifying glass as the stone. It simply is beautiful.

How does this all work?

After placing your order, you will get info on how and where to send your breast milk (and/or other DNA material). Once it is received, it’ll be processed for preservation to be set in your jewelry of choice.

Cyber Monday SALE

Use coupon “bigsale” now through Dec 1st for 15% off and also get a FREE gift with every order. Don’t wait. The best designs go fast. Get mama her breast milk jewelry in time for this holiday season.

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