What are the Different Kinds of Breast Milk Jewelry?

breast milk jewelry

While the necklace with a pendant or locket where the breast milk is safely kept is the most well-known breast milk jewelry, there are various kinds of breast milk jewelry to pick from for extra variety:

  1. Necklaces – Breast milk necklaces can be worn around the neck, the solar plexus, or the chest. Allow it to warm you as it brings back memories of breastfeeding! Enjoy the comfort of knowing that 1 ounce of your breastmilk is safe and secure in your chosen pendant or locket.
  1. Rings – Rings have long been associated with love, fidelity, commitment, and eternity. While it may apply to feelings between a man and a woman, we believe that such love develops particularly when the pair has a child, which completes the cycle of becoming a family.
  1. Earrings – Whether you choose hanging or stud breast milk earrings, there are a plethora of styles to choose from that are guaranteed to turn heads, or should we say ears! To make it more interesting and appealing, match these breastmilk earrings with a breastmilk necklace or ring to produce a one-of-a-kind set!
  1. Bracelets – If rings and necklaces aren’t your thing, a bangle or bracelet made from your breastmilk is a great way to finish off a set.
  1. Breastmilk Jewelry Set – If you’re having trouble deciding which breastmilk jewelry to acquire, simply get them all! You can mix and match all of the jewelry in the breast milk jewelry set to create a set.
  1. Tree of Life – The Tree of Life is a lovely symbol for breastfeeding, which is why it’s a popular style among women looking to buy and customise breastmilk jewelry. When combined with the “moon” symbol, which signifies where your breastmilk will be kept, this is the ideal component. The naturally opalescent nature of your actual breast milk stone condensed in its essence pales in comparison to the natural crystals in the leaves of the tree.

Breast milk jewelry is made even more meaningful with inclusion. An inclusion is an item (or a fragment of an item) with great emotive value. This is an object that contains memories that you’d like to preserve and turn into a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry.

You name it: breast milk, bridal flowers, preserved placenta, sand from a particular region, or a strand of hair. As long as it is completely dried, it can be used as an addition to your breast milk jewelry piece.

Once you’ve picked what you’d want to have turned into a gemstone, you’ll need to send a little sample of your valued inclusion to the designer or artist so they can get to work.


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