Get a Free Miscarriage Keepsake Gift

free miscarriage keepsake gift necklace for mom

Some of you might know that just this month, I lost our second child in a miscarriage at 8 weeks. It was my first miscarriage and totally unexpected. The turnaround time for some of my existing breastmilk jewelry orders were delayed due to this event, but I found solace in creating keepsakes for others, and especially for myself… so I pressed on.

Around the time of my miscarriage, I had just launched my second shop’s website, Miracle Memorial to cater to the needs of individuals who are not moms or who may have lost their baby and would otherwise be too sensitive to view or shop from Precious Mammaries.

To have a sort of “website warming,” I decided to give away free handmade memorial miscarriage keepsakes to the moms who also have angel babies and are looking for a little something to ease the pain. I hope that this gift will bring a smile to your face! It may not be the care package you’re looking for, but I’ve put a lot of love and care into making these dainty necklaces!

Supply is very limited, so head over to my other shop asap and apply for a freebie there!

>> Get your free miscarriage keepsake here <<

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