Holiday Gift Guide Affiliate Post (Everyone gets a $50 Gift Card)

Bloggers, by now you should be drafting Christmas-themed posts if you haven’t yet!

We want you to write a holiday gift guide that includes something from Precious Mammaries. In exchange, you get $50 gift card/credit to use on our store! You can use the credit for yourself, give it as a gift to another mom, or give it away on your blog to increase your engagement. Easy. Plus, you will get entered to win 1 of 3 $250 gift cards.

Use your creative imagination to create a gift guide post around a theme that your readers will love and share. Feel free to include products from other stores, including affiliate links you may want to use.


  • A new and originally written blog post for a holiday guide
  • At least one link to or one of Precious Mammaries products that you will pick for the gift guide
  • At least one image from Precious Mammaries to use on the post
  • At least one social share (optional tag @yourbreastmilk)
  • Additional posts will not receive additional gift cards
  • Published by December 12, 2017
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Submit your published holiday gift guide post below:

Holiday Gift Guides