How Does Addition of Inclusions Work in Breast Milk Jewelry?

Small embellishments that you can add to your breast milk jewelry stone to make it more unique are known as inclusions or add-ons. Color tints, shimmers or shines, gold or silver flakes, and even a strand of your baby’s hair could all be used. They’re the best way to personalize any order, whether you’re combining numerous items or just adding one.


Birth color, which is largely determined by the tints of birthstones, is one of the most prevalent among inclusions. From warm, deep red garnet, the birthstone for January, to icy blue aquamarine, the birthstone for March, birthstone colors and tints provide meaning and beauty to any piece of breast milk jewelry. It’s also nice to choose a color that you like just because it’s lovely, such as sky blue or blush pink.


If you wish to keep things neutral, other inclusions such as gold or silver flakes can be used. If you typically wear gold jewelry, gold flakes are a great option, while silver flakes are ideal for silver lovers.

Your breast milk jewelry stone will become a pale, milky opal after being opalized. This effect uses soft specks of color to emphasize all of the rainbow’s colors in pleasant pastel tones when seen in daylight.

If you use pearl powder or a pearl-like glimmer, your breast milk jewelry will have a glittering finish. This is a popular choice for pearl-shaped stones, and it’s a terrific way to add sparkle without obscuring breast milk’s natural beauty.


Including your child’s handprint or footprint in your breast milk jewelry is one of the most popular ways to remember and record how precious and small your child is.


You can even add a lock of your baby’s hair to the piece to make it even more special. This looks best in pendants and beads, but even a few strands will add a touch of class to any piece.


Finally, on larger breast milk stones, include crucial information such as your baby’s name, birth date, or a short message in your preferred font. The options are limitless!

In short, because it is understandable how personal each piece of jewelry may be, there are numerous ways to customize and add relevance to your breast milk jewelry – even beyond the breast milk itself. As the designer, you get to shape and develop the breast milk jewelry stone that best represents your own style, taste, and personality.


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