How is Breast Milk Jewelry Best Taken Care of?

Taking care of your breast milk jewelry will ensure that it lasts a long time, as it has a lot of value and memories. Here are some suggestions for how to go about it:

Before bathing or showering, washing or using hand sanitizer, or going swimming, remove your breast milk jewelry. Dirt and chemicals from your swimming pool or drinking water can dull the sheen of your breast milk stone over time if your stone is made of resin. Glass milk stones however, will stay shiny but may compromise the integrity of the DNA inside. 

When cleaning your breast milk jewelry, use a slightly damp piece of cloth instead of jewelry cleaners or harsh chemicals. While alcohol is useful for cleaning metal jewelry, it can harm the surface of your breast milk jewelry stone, and perfume, which is often alcohol-based, should be avoided. Simply polish your breast milk stone with a gentle, clean rag to restore its brightness if it becomes dull due to exposure to chemicals or even oils from your skin.

Your breast milk stone will be extremely tough, but it will not be scratch-resistant. Sharp edges can harm your stone’s surface, so be careful while working with abrasive materials and layering your jewelry to avoid unwanted wear.

Finally, don’t let any of these precautions keep you from wearing — and appreciating — your breast milk jewelry. If you maintain it properly, it will easily last long enough to keep and pass down, and you and your children will be able to enjoy it for decades.


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