How to Get Extremely Creative for Mother’s Day Gifts

Mothers Day sale for breastmilk jewelry dna keepsakes

I cannot overstate the joys I’ve experienced since becoming a mom. My toddler girl is now 3 years old. She has been since this past November. Because she is aware of this fact, when asked how many of something
she wants—such as chips, or marbles—without fail, she clearly asserts, “Three! Because I’m three years old.” It goes without saying that this is exactly adorable.

Mothers Day sale for breastmilk jewelry dna keepsakes
L: Sterling silver drop crown necklace | R: Lait de rose gold necklace

Fittingly, my other baby, Precious Mammaries (breast milk jewelry and keepsakes shop), is now going into its 3rd Mother’s Day! In a way, it’s like a birthday, really. This date appropriately (albeit imprecisely) commemorates the launch of the most unique custom-made breast milk jewelry line available. Without a doubt, providing this service as a gift for other moms has been incredibly meaningful and enjoyable for me.

The genesis of the idea for my breast milk jewelry, if you recall from my past blog posts or personal e-mails I might have shared with you, came from my own difficult experience in breastfeeding. In short, I had a brief brush with mortality. You see, about one month into my little one’s precious life, I found myself having to exclusively pump for my baby, after an ill-fated tongue-tie that resulted in a horrendous nipple injury and deadly infection! It all worked out in the end, where my baby and I got back to business as usual at the breast within 4 months—after countless long hours, days and nights of dedication at the milk machine!

Your Designs Amaze Me, Mommies!

Since I have been making this jewelry, more than anything else, all of you have amazed me! I have read your stories and been brought to tears learning all that you’ve gone through—whether your tale reflects my experience, or simply out of empathy for all the hardships you’ve one through. Often they have been tears of joy, finding out how successful so many super mommies have been, even in rearing four kids or more! I love when I have to make pieces that incorporate several “milks” and different locks of hair, placenta, or umbilical cord from different children.

Besides hearing stories from other mom’s and being a part of their celebration and/or healing, the most rewarding thing about doing this has been collaborating on custom jewelry with other moms. I love receiving an e-mail with a new idea from an ambitious and creative mommy for a necklace, bracelet, earring, ring, or combination. This not only invigorates my creativity, but it beautifies my Instagram!

Rose gold breastmilk necklace with rose gold metallic flakes and glitter (Lait de Rose Gold necklace)

Most of the variation in breast milk ring and breast milk necklace design seems to come about from the add-ons and different materials that mommies choose for their masterpiece “milk-sterpiece.” People like to mix and match various flakes, shells, glitter, and flowers that I offer:

  • gold flakes
  • rose gold flakes
  • silver flakes
  • dried flowers
  • sea shells
  • metallic gravel
  • glitter

I am particularly fond of the use of various dried flowers in my breast milk rings, bracelets, and necklaces. You can include as many as you would like! The more, the merrier! You can even provide your own dried flowers to include, if you like. If you don’t have any to send, don’t worry! I have so many different colors available for you:

Rose gold breastmilk necklace with real off-white dried flowers (Red Queen rose gold necklace)
  • red
  • off-white
  • purple
  • yellow
  • orange
  • *your request*
Breastmilk pendant charm in steel with real purple dried flowers (Bubble necklace)

Also, there is no limit to what materials from the baby’s birth and breastfeeding you can use. You can send me his or her:

  • breast milk
  • placenta
  • umbilical cord
  • lock of hair
  • ashes (if you’ve lost your beloved)
Umbilical cord, hair, and earth keepsake (Ice Queen necklace)

All additional DNA materials are free of charge, and I can make any and all of these work in a breastmilk ring, pair of earrings, bracelet, or necklace.

Another option is to include plants or dried earth (or sand) that might be related to your journey.

More Is More (Double and Triple Up!)

Multiplicity is key for variety. It seems that when a mom does a jewelry set (necklace & earring, necklace and ring, etc.) or a double or triple stone, they start to get very creative. Did you have twins or triplets? Are you on your second, third, or fourth baby already? If so, please by all means include materials from all of your pregnancies, breastfeedings,

Mother’s Day Sale

Our biggest day of the year for commemorating our hard work and sacrifice is approaching! Shop the sale site-wide without needing a coupon. Discount is applied automatically.

Remember, I will need your milk and other materials in to me by May 6 to get your jewelry by Mother’s Day. At this point, you will need to choose “Mother’s Day guaranteed” shipping at checkout.

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