How to Surprise (with Stealth) a Mommy with the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Looking for a unique gift for the beloved breastfeeding lady in your life this Valentine’s Day? It can be very difficult to delight even the most delightful nursing mommies, occupied by their oh-so-important task of nourishing themselves and their babies. Even seasoned veterans of mommy pampering, with Jedi-like powers of intuition when it comes to gift giving, often find themselves stumped in this endeavor.

Rose gold breastmilk necklace with off white dried flowers

What will stand out to your dearest friend, sister, or daughter, waiting there in a love bubble nurturing their little one, or now recuperating from a long and arduous journey of breastfeeding a newborn or infant? Not many things that fit the bill come to mind. Here is a tried-and-true solution to this common “block:”

To honor and delight a new mother on Valentine’s Day, you should choose something that will last forever.

That’s hard to define, I know. As a rule of thumb, when longevity is the desired goal of the gift, I usually land on something that doesn’t have a UPC code. Rememer, moms have just been literally “showered” with practical boxed gifts for her and her baby. But what gift does mommy get for herself? Believe it or not, she might not want something that’s like a splurge thing—a distraction unrelated to her beautiful new world of motherhood. Passing down of a family heirloom of immense import would probably work wonderfully! However, those aren’t always available, and they are old (which is a good thing in many circumstances!), whereas a baby is brand new

Handmade crafts can be extremely desirable and exciting to the lovely ladies of your life. When something is created just for her, and no one else has what you gave her, there is an undeniable energy that is harnessed in gift-giving. It definitely transcends the feeling of even the most expensive jewelry when you (or she) had a part in designing it.

With breast milk jewelry, the beautiful piece she receives made of a precious metal of your choice is not only customized, but it literally has a part of her included in it. (If you’re a breastfeeding mom and you want to give this beautiful gift to someone dear to you, such as your daughter or mother, you’ll be giving a part of yourself encapsulated in a very lovely piece of jewelry.)

So, when that special lady you buy it for receives her gift, which displays the product of her labor (literally!) in such a beautiful context formed into a stone for a necklace, ring, or bracelet—the emotion can be overwhelming. You may want to have your camera ready to capture the moving reaction of the recipient! You also might want to have a full box of tissues available—seriously.

This is a reaction to Precious Mammaries breast milk jewelry from one of my most grateful customers:

I must confess I had to go through a number of tissues while watching this one! It is very amazing the effect that this gift can have on people.

In this instance, the mommy in question, who received a Precious Mammaries piece, had a sister who conspired, perhaps with cohorts, to create a custom piece of breast milk jewelry as a gift. We can ascertain from the recipient’s surprise and delight that she accomplished this feat with utmost stealth and secrecy. Aren’t surprise parties and gifts a lot like spying? Kind of makes you feel sneaky, but in a good way!

To carry out that spy operation, you might actually need co-conspirators and coordination. In most cases, when a mommy is still breastfeeding, two things are likely happening:

  1. They are pumping breast milk and storing it in the fridge.
  2. They are very busy.

The synergy of these two factors leaves an opening for a husband, friend, sister, or mom to easily insinuate themselves into a position where they can procure some milk. Usually it also involves some sort of pretext, possibly even involving helping with feeding the baby. You could say, for example, “Let me warm up the milk for you.” If they’re anything like I was, they will sigh with relief at the thought of someone doing a bottle feed for the baby. This will also get you some baby time with the little one!

But back to your mission: When you have access to the materials, all you need to get is just a little bit. You could have, for instance, a concealed air-tight glass vial up your sleeve, where you can transfer and smuggle just a little bit more (just in case it evaporates ) than the required 2 tablespoons for a Precious Mammaries stone to be formed. Once you’re in the clear, you might feel a little guilty for the deceptive operation you’ve carried out, but you will know you’ve served a greater cause in procuring this milk.

Always think back to the goals your mission serves! You want to see that beaming, shining mommy face light up with surprise at the ninja-like precision you’ve commanded just for the arrangement of your target’s special gift. If you succeed—and you will—you will have a memory to treasure forever!

Rose Gold: The New (Gold) Standard for Valentine’s Jewelry

Mermaid rose gold breastmilk ring, adjustable

Do not think you are going to get away from a Valentine’s article about jewelry keepsakes on Precious Mammaries without my mentioning our trademark metal—rose gold. Hands down, rose gold breast milk jewelry is the product with the highest demand on my site.

I cannot keep it in stock, as hard as I try. I never know how much to get, because the demand keeps growing. With Valentine’s Day, I am loading up with more rose gold than I could ever reasonably expect to sell, and I hope I don’t sell it all, because everyone will still want it even after Valentine’s. That’s just how crazy this situation is. Regardless, I feel obliged to emphasize just how outrageously popular this stuff is, because I honestly think it’s the best, myself.

Of course, if you want something more classic, then I recommend gold, sterling silver, or stainless steel. These metals are also popular for breast milk rings, necklaces, and bracelets. I also have trouble keeping them in stock, especially when they’re used in my very classic designs like the seminal “milk drop” classic necklaces, and

Rose gold is the newest trend I’ve seen in jewelry. It’s definitely not going away, and I’m even starting to think it will eventually become a timeless tradition to give rose gold on Valentine’s Day. It’s just too perfect.

Valentine’s Day Sale

Enjoy a 10% off discount and receive a free gift with every purchase through February 17. No minimum purchase necessary, no coupon needed.

If you need to get jewelry in time for Valentine’s Day, you will need to get your breast milk (or other DNA materials) in to me by February 9. Choose “Valentine’s Guarantee” when choosing the shipping speed.

You can also choose to include gift wrapping and greeting card with your order, so you don’t have to buy these things separately!

The outer packaging is discrete and will not say “Precious Mammaries,” so you won’t ruin the surprise when giving this to your favorite mom! If you have any special requests, please feel free to e-mail me!

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