In Response to COVID-19 & Contactless Shipping of Milk

Digital Shipping Service for Sending Milk (In-Home Contactless Shipping)

Due to the events concerning COVID-19, we’ve all been made aware of precautions we must take to safeguard ourselves, our family, friends, and our community. We are all in this together to make safety a priority!

Precious Mammaries is a home-based business run solely by me, a homeschooling mother about to have a home birth with baby#2 in a couple of months! If there was one word that stood out from this, it would be HOME. Thankfully, I do a lot of things out of our home and have a few things to share concerning measures I take to protect ourselves and your packages coming out of our home. I also am offering a service for contactless shipping of your milk to me for those who aren’t sure about leaving their homes to go to the post office at this time.

Jewelry Creation Safety Protocol

I use gloves every time I make breast milk jewelry. This starts with handling your milk which has always been the practice around here for working with DNA substances, regardless of the present environmental circumstance. To add to measures taken, I’ve since worn a mask while inside my home at my work table while creating every piece of jewelry.

All third-party findings and materials I use to create or aid in the creation process for jewelry involve airing out for around a couple of days then sanitizing with full strength hydrogen peroxide before use. We’ve had this practice around our home for years since avoiding chemicals, which also works out wonderfully for sanitation.

Contactless Milk Shipping Service

Digital Shipping Service for Sending Milk (In-Home Contactless Shipping)

You can choose to optionally purchase this convenient service to receive a digital shipping label through your email if going to the post office is not an option for you. Just print it out, or have me send the label through snail mail, and pack and label your milk according to the instructions sent to you after placing your order. You can then drop off your package in your home mailbox, any USPS drop-off mail boxes, or schedule a pick up on the USPS’ website.

This is a faster and safe way to ship your milk and DNA materials to me without having to leave your home, with no to minimal contact.

All you need to do is to add this service to your cart along with the rest of your order.

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    1. Yes, Quin! If you order today and send in your milk by next week, your order will be there before Christmas. Turnaround time for standard shipping is about 3-5 weeks, expedited is about 2-4 weeks as of right now. It will increase the later you order.

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