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Precious Mammaries is a very unique breast milk jewelry and DNA keepsakes store that stands out from the rest. It’s run solely by Rachel, a stay-at-home mother whose handmade practices are environmentally conscious.

The materials used to create each piece has minimal chemicals, with each stone made with high-quality glass instead of plastic or resin. The creation of each piece, both during and after is well tolerated by people with multiple chemical sensitivities and depending on what piece, with metal allergies.

Besides that, Precious Mammaries is the only breast milk jeweler that creates a unique ethereal “thumbprint” pattern extracted from mom’s milk, so each stone is one-of-a-kind. It’s like having a unique crystal made from your very own milk!

Lifetime Guarantee

With every purchase, comes a lifetime guarantee. Every customer of Precious Mammaries can reach out to Rachel for their needs and concerns related to their jewelry. Each piece is meant to bring you joy for a lifetime!

Please help support a woman and minority-owned, small handmade business that is both environmentally and socially conscious.

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