Limited Time: $15 Breast Milk Jewelry Upgrade?!

If you previous purchased the beloved Precious Mammaries’ Milk Drop pendants (necklace or earrings) in the old style with the flat stainless steel settings, you can now upgrade to the new look for a very reasonable price!

Old Milk Drop customers, this is where you make your upgrade. If you haven’t ever bought the Milk Drop, head on over to the new style page to order yourself a customized breast milk piece.

Yes, we have constant upgrades! This is why Precious Mammaries is the best choice for breast milk jewelry and keepsakes. We make sure you’re always happy with your jewelry, forever.

Take note that all of the old Milk Drop style pendants were made from the stainless steel regardless of the chain you picked with it (stainless or sterling). So if you bought a sterling silver chain, you still had the stainless setting that carried your Milk Drop stone.

Why upgrade?

  • The new style Milk Drop pendant is thicker and more significant. The bulk of the pendant is behind the stone, making the added thickness virtually invisible from the front. From the side, it gives more dimension. The old style was flat in comparison. If you’re anything like most women, you want to be able to hold in your hand what feels more like a substantial nugget of milk versus a lump of milk when feeling your jewelry.
  • The old style pendant was made from stainless steel, which is dull and dark. Upgrading to sterling silver will give your old Milk Drop a more vibrant and shinier appearance. You can also upgrade to 14k gold!
  • It is more elegant, more sophisticated, more substantial. The old style looked somewhat cheap and casual. With the added prongs to the setting, the new style looks more classic, a timeless keepsake that will never go out of style.
  • Less chemicals used. The added prongs to the new setting eliminate extra chemicals (less glue) to be used to attach the milk stone. Whether you’re chemically sensitive or not, this is only going to be for you and your baby’s benefit.
  • You can add baby’s lock of hair you were so afraid to cut the first time as baby grows more hair this time around!
  • Want to add your initials on the back? You can now also add engraving!
  • It’s an affordable way to get a new look without paying twice the amount
  • You want to fall in love again with your beloved breast milk piece by making it better without changing what you loved most about it, the cute tiny milk drop shape.

What are you waiting for?  Prices might change after March 31st, so be sure to upgrade your Milk Drop pendant soon! Hello, Spring, hello new look!