Mama Natural’s Choice of Breast Milk Jewelry

Mama Natural Genevieve feature breast milk jewelry review and recommends

Genevieve Howland from Mama Natural wrote in her Three Things for Thursday newsletter her experience after buying breast milk jewelry from… Precious Mammaries! Neither this post nor hers are sponsored.

Before sending out this newsletter, we chatted on the phone and texted a few times to get her breast milk jewelry done exactly to her liking. The whole time she didn’t mention that she was the Genevieve Howland from Mama Natural. I always knew her just by her brand “Mama Natural,” so I really had no idea whom I was speaking with.

She ordered a collection of many different pieces, some of which I’ve pictured below. Breast milk jewelry is such a personal keepsake, so it’s really important to think it through and how you as a mother would like your breastfeeding journey and your children to be represented. I believe it’s important that you choose your breast milk jeweler not just by price but by how comfortable they make you feel. I see it as like choosing a doula for jewelry! This is especially relevant if you’re at the end of nursing your last baby and have very little milk left.

Genevieve seemed impressed by the fact that Precious Mammaries was the only breastmilk jewelry store that used glass instead of resin and kept things as natural as possible without using solvents and other chemicals. Other shops will cook breast milk and pour an equal amount or more of white solvent, so what is left is really a mixture of that stuff and a bit of your milk. Everything in the glass stone Precious Mammaries makes is all 100% the milk you provide. To add color, there are optional natural stone add-ons such as crushed sea shells, metallic gravel, and dried flowers that can be put alongside with your stone to represent your children’s birthstones.

Below is a picture of the hairs she sent me from her three children: Griffin, Paloma, and Faith. Milk is not pictured. You can clearly see the three represented in the Sterling silver Tri-Milky Way breast milk pendant necklace pictured after this.

Mama Natural Genevieve Howland's Hair and Breast Milk Necklace for three children
Tri-Milky Way breastmilk necklace made for Genevieve Howland of Mama Natural. Made with hair from her three children and her breast milk.

If you don’t know what Mama Natural is about, I highly recommend that you read her blog, watch her videos, subscribe to her newsletter, and purchase her book! She’s helped many women like myself especially as a then first time mom throughout my fears and doubts around pregnancy and breastfeeding. It helped me feel more confident in my convictions and research about our natural lifestyle hearing from someone who seemed so genuine and down-to-earth.

Speaking of genuine, I also noticed that she frequently recommends brands that she’s actually tried and swears by which are not sponsored. I love her integrity! This includes her recommendation of Precious Mammaries. I created her pieces without knowing who she really was. I am so thrilled she liked them!

You may order the pieces she chose for herself below and personalize them for yourself. Not into these? You can also shop all breast milk jewelry pieces and find the best one(s) for you!

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