Need Quick & Meaningful Christmas Gift for Mom? Get her a Gift Card!

Christmas Gift for Mom Breast Milk Jewelry Gift Card

It’s only two days away from Christmas! Can’t think of what to give that special mama at this very last minute? Don’t fret! Give her an extra meaningful gift by giving her a digital gift card for breast milk jewelry! She will get it instantly through e-mail. Choose to send it today to yourself and present on Christmas Day or send to her directly on Christmas morning! She’ll wake up to her email with a lovely surprise.

If you’re a husband or partner or a friend, getting a gift card for her is also a great option if you just aren’t sure what she’d like. Mom knows herself best, so it might be better to give her the chance to look around in the store that will best represent her.

Giving gift certificates or money might not be someone’s cup of tea just because it might feel like there wasn’t much thought or planning put into it. This will be an exception since breast milk jewelry is such a special and personalized item that will be unique to the mama you love and adore!

Nothing tops giving your favorite mother the gift of her own DNA, preserved and memorialized through her own milk. If she doesn’t have any more breastmilk, she may use her baby’s or children’s hair, placenta, or a pet or loved ones’ ashes instead. If it’s not DNA from herself or her baby, she may choose to preserve with us meaningful pressed flowers she may have saved from your wedding, baby shower, or bridal shower from years past. The possibilities are endless!

You’ve come to the right place to get breast milk jewelry. Precious Mammaries covers you for a lifetime!


Christmas Gift for Mom Breast Milk Jewelry Gift Card

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