New Breast Milk Jewelry Product Designs at Precious Mammaries

Just when you think Precious Mammaries can’t get any better, check out the latest new breast milk jewelry products and designs now available at the store!

White Lotus Breast Milk Necklace in Solid Sterling Silver

Motherhood can be very stressful, but our job as moms is the most fulfilling a woman could ever have. Because of this, we need to take short moments to be still, peaceful, and calm whenever we can, wherever we can. Nothing speaks more “zen” than this lotus breast milk necklace!

Now, you can carry around a keepsake that combines both your breast milk and a symbol of eternal serenity with you at all times, a reminder to us all!

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Also comes in rose gold. See below.

Pink Lotus Breast Milk Necklace in Rose Gold

Also comes in sterling silver. See above.

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Tri Milky Way Necklace in Sterling Silver

You may not see the actual Milky Way galaxy with your own eyes within your lifetime, but you can now marvel at your own breast milk’s unique pattern and imprint in this Tri Milky Way breast milk necklace!

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Rose Gold Milk Drop Crown Breast Milk Necklace

Also in sterling silver and gold. Now comes in rose gold!

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Milk Sphere Crown Breast Milk Necklace in Sterling Silver

The milk sphere is better than a milk pearl. It’s like a tiny spherical galaxy with a “thumbprint”-like pattern that’s unique to your breast milk! This pendant looks just like the popular Ice Queen necklace but shows the pattern in the front and back and is slightly smaller.

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 Sterling Silver Crown Adjustable Ring

Also available in gold and rose gold.

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Add-On Charms for Breast Milk Necklaces:

Add cute charms to any breast milk necklace! Thiese are add-ons to existing breast milk jewelry but can also be purchased alone with a chain of your choice.

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14k Gold Filled Mini Bear Add-On for Breast Milk Necklace

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The old & classic NO-PRONGs Milk Drop Breast Milk Necklace is BACK due to popular demand!

The no-prongs design for Milk Drop is back, and now the setting is twice as thick and twice as substantial.

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Sterling Silver Double Cabochon Ring also BACK to due to popular demand. NOW, STURDIER THAN EVER!

This ring, though extremely loved and popular, was previously discontinued because it, being adjustable didn’t meet heirloom quality. Now, it’s back! And it’s much stronger and meets heirloom quality standard!

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