Weaning in 2018? Get Breast Milk Jewelry during the New Year SALE!

Happy 2018, mamas! It’s the New Year, and your New Years’ resolution might include finally weaning junior from breastfeeding in his fourth year. Both he and you are ready to stop and have peacefully decided that this is the year to do it.

Before you dry up or dump your stash of frozen breast milk, why not consider making something special with your milk? It’s time to send your milk to Precious Mammaries to make into a memorable keepsake that you can treasure forever and even pass on to junior one day!

If you’ve long weaned and have got no breast milk left, you can also make use of baby’s lock of hair, your dried placenta, loved one’s ashes or baby’s tooth to make into jewelry.

Breast milk jewelry New Year Coupon

Through January 7 (Christmas in the Julian calendar!), get 10% off anything from Precious Mammaries’ store and also receive a FREE gift with every purchase. Use coupon “dearnewyear” at checkout.

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