Hand-carved Wood DNA Memorial Jewelry Pendants

I’m pleased to announce this exciting collaboration with Robert of McLendon Woodcraft! He hand-carved beautiful wood settings for jewelry pendants, ornament hangings, and other memorable keepsakes exclusively for my “life” stones created just for YOU!

Why partner with McLendon Woodcraft? Robert is a good friend of mine whom I trust dearly to handle each piece he makes for you with sincerity. Every DNA material I preserve in stone has a story to tell to match its unique aesthetic, while Robert’s wood pieces are consciously hand carved with traditional tools creating a truly unique symbiosis of personalities. Our work will not be made with machines, so together, what we make for you will be as real as your memories.

With this collaborative effort, we hope to bring you a stronger and more lasting link to the memories you treasure. We believe in the beauty of pairing life with life, glass and wood with your DNA materials—whether it be ashes, hair, fur, or breastmilk. The least amount of synthetic materials were applied.

Much like no two stones I make will be identical, no two wood settings will be the same as well. Although these pieces are significantly sized, they are surprisingly very light!

Some ideas for use: Use them as jewelry to wear daily or on special occasions or hang as a Christmas or everyday ornament to decorate your space. If you have a baby and would like to grace her with your pet’s or dearly departed’s presence, hang these pieces on her mobile! You can have a different piece to carry a different life stone.

Just like I am open to custom work, Robert is also happy to hear what you have in mind that is not currently in our shop. We want what will best represent you and the memories you cherish.

We hope that these wooden life memorial jewelry pendants will bring you luck and happiness much like the amulets of old!

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