CLEARANCE: Leaf Memorial Cremation Sterling Silver Crown Ring Ashes Jewelry Adjustable

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I’m going to be discontinuing a well-loved ring by design but not so much in quality.  It is an adjustable ring, so it is meant to be able to be moved maybe a couple of times to fit your finger. Adjusting several times will cause the metal to weaken and possibly eventually break. Because of this, this is on clearance for a major discount. Please handle this ring with care, because I will not be accepting returns or repairs for this, unless of course you purchased this ring before it went on clearance and breaks.

With this discount, you are still getting a stone made from your sent ashes however, so this ring would be perfect for display and not so much worn daily.

Stone size 6mm

Take a look at the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) for more details on how to send breast milk and other concerns.

Weight 3 oz