Return unused breast milk/DNA materials


Stone add-on

Add real dried flowers/glitter/shimmer/real metallic gravel/real sea shells/combo to your stone

Add-on specifications

Add what color(s) of add-ons you’d like, engraved characters if choosing any.

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Every little drop of breast milk is precious!

If you’d like to receive back your unused breast milk and/or other materials not used in your jewelry, add this to your cart.

Your milk/materials are usually kept in storage for a period of time after your jewelry is done. This is in case your package gets lost in the mail and your stone will need to be redone. After this time period, your materials can be sent back to you after we’re in the clear that your jewelry has been delivered to you.

With that said, see below for the expected time frame to receive your materials back:

  • Within US: 7-14 days after ordering
  • Outside US: 10-28 days after ordering


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