Valentine’s Sale for ALL Rose Gold Breast Milk Jewelry DNA Keepsakes

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! We have a super sweet deal here at Precious Mammaries. From today through February 14, get 14% off ALL ROSE GOLD jewelry with coupon “lovemom! This includes breast milk rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and even add-on engraved pendants!

Got no more breast milk left? You can use baby’s hair (first lock or not), placenta, or ashes. We just added a pretty bunch of rose gold jewelry to pair with your ever unique  DNA stone.

Not a mom? This is the perfect gift for the hardworking mom. Show your love by getting her the most unique gift she’ll ever receive.

We think rose gold is really pretty and looks great with just about every skin tone.

Check out some of the new (and old) rose gold breast milk jewelry here below and find something that best suits your personality!

Rose Gold Breast Milk Jewelry

Sacred Serpent rose gold breast milk necklace

Sun Goddess rose gold breast milk necklace

Matron of the Sea mermaid rose gold breast milk ring

Red Queen rose gold breast milk bracelet

Red Queen  rose gold breast milk necklace and earrings set

Milk Drop crown rose gold breast milk necklace

Rose gold crown breast milk ring

Do you like or love rose gold jewelry? Let us know! What’s your favorite design?

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