Week Before Christmas SALE Breast Milk Jewelry: Get a New Mom Gift!

It’s the week before Christmas, and you’re completely exhausted of ideas and running out of time to shop for the best mom in the world. All the best gifts are custom made and take weeks, even months to complete. What do you do?

Though Precious Mammaries stayed open to accept custom orders in time for Christmas last week, this week Christmas delivery as an option is now closed. Your only options are to get mom a gift card to Precious Mammaries or buy her something NOW and take advantage of the Week Before Christmas SALE!

Breast milk jewelry Week Before Christmas Sale

You can get 10% off and receive a FREE gift with every purchase through December 25, 2017. Use coupon “christmascheer” at checkout.  Sale does not apply to gift cards. Christmas delivery is not available at this time.

Lots of items are now back in stock but also lots are going out of stock. Low stock items may or may not be restocked at a later date, so make sure you get what you or mom really want this Christmas now rather than later!

Shop gift card here.

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