What to Look for in a Breast Milk Ring

Breast milk rings are a perfect reflection of the purity of breastfeeding. 

Nothing compares to the experience of being a first-time mother, nourishing your child with breastfeeding. When the baby comes, new things come at you a million miles per hour. All of the emotions, sensations, and experiences are a blur, as you endeavor to feed and make your child thrive. If mommy thought she was prepared for all of it, she realizes quickly she wasn’t even close.

Time both expands and contracts for you during this time as a new mother. During these precious moments, though you can’t wait for the baby to grow up and be more competent, you know you’re going to miss every moment of this when it’s over. Well you might not know that, but I can assure you that’s how it goes. Yes, you will miss the difficult times of trying to figure out how to latch, holding your baby’s fragile neck up every day all day, and even changing poopy diapers. You will not miss the lack of sleep though, most likely.

There is something about a ring that commemorates a moment perfectly. Two other hugely significant events in a woman’s life, her wedding day and engagement, are also commemorated by rings. They represent eternity. The bonds of engagement and marriage are certainly meant to reflect eternity, and the bond between a mother and a child is never forgotten. A mother remembers breastfeeding her child forever, and that strengthens the bond between them as she raises a child up to be an adult. Containing and preserving a representation of that love in the form of a breast milk ring, along with other matching breast milk jewelry, will only reinforce the memory of that experience in a mother’s heart.

Being “Adjustable”

Everything is changing in the first few months of a baby’s life, for both mommy and baby, and mothers have an amazing ability to respond to this unpredictability. So, time is changing, life is changing, routines are changing, emotions are changing, and your body is changing. When you’re expecting, and after, your fingers (and the rest of your body) also have a tendency to unexpectedly expand and contract.

If you’re going to throw breast milk jewelry into the mix, it would behoove you to have something that can be adjusted, like clothing. Fortunately, rings come in adjustable varieties. At Precious Mammaries, adjustable breast milk rings are available, out of consideration for the tendency of joints and fingers to swell from hormonal adjustments your body is experiencing as a woman—throughout the pregnancy and during/after breastfeeding. 

Adjustable Sterling silver crown breast milk ring with ashes and dried flowers

Instructions on how to adjust a ring:

  1. Locate the gap on the bottom of the band
  2. If you exert enough pressure, you can squeeze the ends to contract the size to your desired fit
  3. Expanding the ring require a little elbow grease as you grab the ends and pull them apart until the reach the desired size

Though they may be adjustable, these are very sturdy rings that will not easily bend out of shape. Your breast milk ring will not expand or contract unless you really want it to.

An Adjustable Ring Is a Shareable Ring!

Another benefit of having an adjustable ring is in case you want to give your ring away to your child when they get older. Even though you may wait until they’re a teen or a full-grown adult when you give them your special commemorative breast milk ring, they will probably have thinner fingers as a young lady, and they will need to contract the size to fit properly. This will be very meaningful for your child, especially if you explain to them the importance of breastfeeding. 

Double Stone Breast Milk Ring lets you add different milks from each child or pair the milk stone with a different material, like placenta.

Forming the Stone of a Breast Milk Ring

The best way to preserve any substance, often starts with drying it. Though water is part of the nourishing purity of milk, the essence is found in the pearl color of it. Creating a breast milk ring that is not heavily processed, with an organic presentation, is the best approach. The stone formed by your breast milk should be a reflection of you, not just look like Elmer’s glue, as you see in some of the higher-end breast milk jewelry. I believe your breast milk should leave a fingerprint when presented in the ring. This is an organic design by default, much like the impressions naturally formed on a seashell or a leaf.

This is what makes a piece of breast milk jewelry, made from part of you, truly custom made. Chemicals are not needed to form this stone. It is purely you. The stone is nicely complemented by real sea shells, gravel, or dried flowers, and contained securely in glass. 

Precious Mammaries takes great pride in the process used to create the stone for breast milk rings and other breast milk rings. Other websites offer DIY kits that are not the same quality as those done professionally. They have a great chance of molding, and there’s a significant amount of wax and other material used in the process that isn’t your milk. You want the most pure breast milk stone possible in your ring. 

Can a Breast Milk Ring Be Organic?

Not much jewelry qualifies as organic, and there isn’t a certification for anything of that sort, per se. However, perhaps we can subjectively determine if it is organic, at least well enough to say, “Yes, that is a very organic piece,” using some of these proposed criteria:

  1. The amount of (toxic) chemicals that are used
  2. Whether or not the metals are hypoallergenic
  3. The way it reflects “nature”
  4. The materials it consists of

All of these criteria have been considered by Precious Mammaries, and it shows. The adherence to these factors of beauty and health coalesce into a truly exceptional presentation, especially with its signature breast milk rings. Look no further when seeking “organic” jewelry. You can rest assured that the sensitive consumer is being looked out for, because this breast milk jewelry passes the inspection of a chemically sensitive individual (my husband). An extremely minimal amount of chemicals is used, by pretty much any standard.

Hypoallergenic Metals

Jewelry should complement your skin, as well as strike your fancy. Considering so many complexions, and so many preferences among women of different skin tones, it is good to go with a breast milk jewelry store that offers a variety of metals for you to choose from. The metal that is used, believe it or not, is very important to consider for comfort, due to the health impacts of alloys and certain allergenic metals.

Many people do not know about the negative reactions that you can get from jewelry like breast milk rings. The metals are very reactive with human skin, because we absorb through our skin, almost everything we come into contact with, good or bad. Unfortunately, there are a lot more bad things you can absorb than good ones, it seems, in our modern environment. 

Everyone knows that your skin can turn green from a gold allergy, right? However, it’s not really gold that’s causing this reaction. It is actually from a certain type of gold used in jewelry that isn’t pure. Any gold with brass underneath of it can have this potential. Other metals and alloys, including those found in cheaper silver jewelry, are known to cause this problem as well. Copper is implicated as well.

There are so many other impurities in jewelry that many people are unaware of. Precious Mammaries is pretty much obsessed with this subject, having done tons of research on what are the best choices. Even though most choices here are better than at other stores, you should look through all the options for the best possible metal for yourself!

The beautiful jewelry offered here at Precious Mammaries, is made of almost all hypoallergenic, cadmium-free, and nickel-free metals. Cadmium and nickel are known to have negative health effects, both immediately and built up over time. My husband has had bad reactions to nickel, and we have even changed our silverware because of it. Nickel is known historically to slowly drive humans insane if there is enough exposure, and if the person exposed is susceptible enough.

Here are the best choices for hypoallergenic metals:

  1. Rose gold-filled
  2. Gold-filled 
  3. Rose gold-plated stainless
  4. Rose gold-plated sterling (vermeil)
  5. Gold-plated sterling (vermeil)
  6. Gold-plated stainless
  7. Stainless steel
  8. Sterling silver

Designs with gold-plated brass and rose gold-plated brass are also used, but these do not fit the hypoallergenic, tarnish-free, nickel-free, cadmium-free guarantee that I spelled out before. 

As you can see, the majority of breast milk rings offered on Precious Mammaries are healthy metals that will not turn your fingies green, so you won’t have to keep your fingers crossed hoping you’re not allergic!

Settings and Bezels

It is an absolute must to have a variety of options for settings and bezels of breast milk rings. Depth, arrangement, and alignment all come into play as you regard and admire the beautiful breast milk stone centerpiece of a Precious Mammaries piece of breast milk jewelry. 

I offer Crown settings and Simple (Classic) settings, in many different designs, for rings. What mainly distinguishes Crown from Simple is the unique protrusions wrapped around the stone. These lovely floral accents truly make your custom breast milk ring look like a crown, clutching your perfect breast milk stone from below. 

Most of my designs are within the Crown category, because this setting accentuates the beauty of the stone so well. You can choose from:

The Simple setting is preferred by so many who wish to leave the purity of the breast milk stone on full display, with no distractions whatsoever. I have a few lovely designs for this as well, which in their inherent simplicity—or intricacy—work better having the stone not concealed in any way. They are:

Please be sure to look for any alternatives for metals for the designs I’ve linked above. I have not included every single version. There are also some pieces that I am almost out of stock and do not plan on replenishing, that I have not included above. These breast milk rings are a limited engagement, and may not ever come back! So act fast. Enjoy your treasure hunt on my site!

Our Add-Ons Are Like Toppings!

With so many options available, and such a unique design for the breast milk stone as a centerpiece for the rings, you would think there’d be no need for any more customization in your selection. But I do recommend, to really make it stand out, that you peruse and consider all your available options for making the perfect piece using add-ons! 

You can add on as many add-ons as you want. There is no limit! Most breast milk jewelry sites do not provide add-ons for small pieces like rings, but our process and the size of these breast milk stones allows for more leniency on what can fit into your piece. Yes, I can even do your lock of hair or dried placenta in this tiny package that fits on your finger! 

You might want to even draw a picture for me and send it via e-mail. Customization and satisfaction based on the vision of the buyer are the key at Precious Mammaries. Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions or special requests to make your breast milk ring absolutely perfect. 

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