Your Lucky Breast Milk Charm for St. Patrick’s Day

Have you ever found a four-leaf clover? It’s actually not that hard—you just have to know where to look! That doesn’t mean you’re not lucky when you find it sitting there, open-armed (or leafed), waiting for you to pluck it up! Precious Mammaries pieces are like that. Among a huge patch of resin-based DNA keepsakes, which have very little of your actual milk in them (though they do look “milky” I suppose), my jewelry is the lucky four-leaf clover in the bunch!

Precious Mammaries stones have no blarney in them whatsoever! That’s right, it is just your milk (with optional lock of hair, placenta, umbilical cord, or combo). There is no filler, unless you ask for add-ons, like seashells, glitter, gold/silver flakes, dried flowers, or metallic gravel.

St. Patrick's Day sale on Precious Mammaries breastmilk jewelry!
Two babies’ birthstones with mama’s milk

So “pick” the four-leaf clover that is Precious Mammaries! Once you make your order, check out with the St. Patty’s Day discount already applied. No coupon necessary. Then “leaf” it up to me to make you a wonderful breast milk jewelry “charm” this St. Patrick’s Day! Good news is, however, the jewelry is all made with wonderful, high-quality hypoallergenic metals, so it won’t turn your skin “green.” However, other moms will surely be “green” with envy!

So preserve your “liquid gold” in a true pot at the end of the rainbow—a Precious Mammaries breastmilk keepsake!

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