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Breastmilk Jewelry & DNA Keepsakes

Precious Mammaries breastmilk jewelry and DNA keepsakes is the only known maker of breast milk jewelry that extracts your breast milk’s  “thumbrint” pattern, creating a one-of-a-kind ethereal stone that is completely unique to mom, and at the time of expression. You may also choose to create your stone with placenta, baby’s lock of hair, umbilical cord, and ashes.

Each stone is made of glass, not with resin or plastic, unlike other breast milk jewelers and with very minimal processing and chemicals involved.


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Mothers Day sale for breastmilk jewelry dna keepsakes

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Lifetime Guarantee

Rest assured if you need any breast milk jewelry fixes, Precious Mammaries comes with a lifetime guarantee. We want you to be happy with your keepsake for a lifetime. You may return your jewelry to be complimentary repaired or exchanged if the damage is due to the creation process or to no fault of your own, otherwise a small fee is charged according to the severity of the damage. More details will be found in your package’s care instructions. You may read the FAQ page for more details.

Mama. Woman-owned. Small Business. Minority. Handmade. Made in the USA.

Please support woman (mom) and minority-owned handmade American small businesses like Precious Mammaries.

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Watch as a mama opens the most memorable Christmas gift from her sister, a breastmilk necklace made by Precious Mammaries:


The most unique breast milk jewelry

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Latest & best DNA & breast milk jewelry  products:

Mothers Day sale for breastmilk jewelry dna keepsakes

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Lifetime Guarantee. Mama Made. Handmade. Local.

Precious Mammaries is a very unique breast milk jewelry and DNA keepsakes store that stands out from the rest. It’s run solely by Rachel, a stay-at-home mother whose handmade practices…

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Get breast milk here by Dec 18/19 to get breast milk jewelry by Christmas

For new customers: TODAY, Dec 16 is the last day to order from Precious Mammaries to get your breast milk jewelry & DNA keepsakes at your destination in time for…

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Classic Milk Drop (no prongs) breast milk necklace & earrings are back!

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